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A ’Panth’ is an ethical path. Followers of the Sikh path are called members of the Sikh
Panth. Members of the Panth are required to be true to the teachings of our Gurus, the
teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib and follow no other religious text or scripture, or


The Global Sikh Council (GSC) was formed in 2014 as a result of concerns felt by diaspora Sikhs over the mushrooming of various deras run by sants and babas, who mislead gullible Sikhs to follow distorted versions of our Gurus’ teachings. GSC is a worldwide Sikh organisation with membership of national level Sikh organisations from around the world.

No self appointed leaders or an agent of any political party, religious clergy or governmental agency can be a member of GSC. It’s representatives are selected by the member organisations to form the General Body of the Global Sikh Council. The member representatives in turn select the Board, and the Executive Committee.


Lady Singh(Dr. Kanwaljit Kaur OBE), is the President of Global Sikh Council. She is also President of British Sikh Education Council, President of Sikh Women’s Support Group, Deputy Director for Network of Sikh Organisations, and member of Lambeth Statutory Agreed Council for Religious Education.

She is a writer, educator and broadcaster who strongly believes in international community cohesion through religious literacy. To this effect, she has worked closely with British Government agencies to write non-statutory guidance for religious education for schools in the U.K., which has be in force since 1993. She received an award of OBE from the British Queen for services to education and interfaith relations. She passionately believes in the equal rights of women speaks on equality and raises concerns about violence against women nationally and internationally.


GSC is a common platform currently representing Sikhs from more than 20 countries, to deliberate and discuss multiple challenges facing Sikhs across the world.